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Welcome to Skye Mountain Co. Stylish National Park & State Souvenir Hats

Skye Mountain Co. was created for the true outdoor enthusiast who isn’t satisfied with the boring and unappealing options found in most state or national park gift shops. We bring style and simplicity to the table with each of our unique souvenir hats. Our popular hiking, snapback, trucker, and trail running hats feature a simple but stylish design based on some of the greatest outdoor scenery in the country - our state and national parks.

Our HatsYou know the feeling. You’ve just finished hiking to the top of a new trail as you set foot on the peak. The energy is incredible; you hope to remember the moment forever. To commemorate the moment, you head to the visitor center looking for a hip hat and stylish souvenir for the kids. To your disappointment, when you arrive the only hats available look like they were designed in 1850. Sure, they’re comfortable, but you wouldn’t be caught dead in something so drab. Plus, the only choices are standard baseball caps, and no snapbacks or trucker hats.
That’s where we come in. Skye Mountain Co. has created a stylish collection of souvenir hats based on the national parks we have come to cherish. Our first snapbacks featured popular Utah destinations such as Arches, Yosemite and Yellowstone and we have begun to expand into other states including Colorado, Texas, Oregon and Arizona. We also offer stylish trucker, baseball, flex fit, and kids hats as well as unique apparel. So next time you find yourself disappointed with the hats in the souvenir shop, head to Skye Mountain and see what stylish offerings we have.