About Us

We're a husband and wife duo, that have a love for anything outdoors and obviously hats (except for family pictures of course). Those two loves combined brought about Skye Mountain Co. named after our little girl, our first love.

How we got here:

Alex loves any excuse to keep his hats on. He eats, plays, works and basically sleeps in them. He always felt he was unable to find comfortable hats, with simple styles (like him). So why not start designing his own. With endless sketches and ideas, we combined the outdoors, things we love, and BEAUTIFUL PLACES ALL OVER THE WORLD that we feel some of the best adventures await.

We hope you'll love the variety and unique look of our hats, but most of all the comfort of each hat as you take Skye Mountain along for the ride.

Thank you for supporting our little family!

"Leave the road and take the trail!"